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Products and Projects

Automatic Cleaning and Transfer Skid

This Skid is capable of cleaning a 12K liter tank or 4 inch process line.  It is capable of automatic reagent makup, or batch transfer of reagent makeup to a mixing tank.  Sequence is recipe S88 driven


Minature self cleaning Autosampler

This unit is a self contained cleaning and sampling system.  It can run direct sampling or sampling from a fast loop.  It can also control third party anaylzers or data from intruments on a recipe drive schedule.  Ethernet and low power.


Laser Cell Density Array Monitor 

This unit monitors cell growth on a schedule for an array of shake flasks (250ml Corning)  unit can monitor upto 16 flasks without stopping the shaker.  Ethernet data collection.


BioReactor  Environmental Controller

This module will control pH, Do2, Temperature and gas mixing for a small fermenter 20L. Integrated scales and pumps for reagent, feed, and harvest.  Pressure monitoring and control.


Cold Sample Archiver/ Fraction collector

This unit will take samples from a fast loop to index into centrifuge tubes at a controlled temperature bath.


Tangential Ultrafiltration Unit

Recipe driven diafiltration/ultrafiltration unit. Product separations and concentrations.  Small scale development for transmembrane pressure and membrane selection studies. Scale-up from 5 liters to 5K liters.

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