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Practice Areas

We have a wide variety of areas where we can help you produce.
Process Engineering


Whether you have a heavy industrial process or a new Eco recovery we can help.


Experience in petrochemical processes for fractionation or bulk material refining.


BioProcess engineering from raw materials handling to final formulation.


Fine chemical production experience from reactor design to chromatography and filtration systems.

Analyzer Interfaces


If you have third party devices that analyze your process we can help you get that information to where it counts.  Protocol and communications application development to get the process feedback into your contoller and the algorithms to take action to improve efficiency and keep you profitable.  Experience with Mass Spectrometer, HPLC, and wet chemical analyitical sytems.

Aseptic Analyzers too!

System Upgrades

With expertise in a variety of legacy systems and current technology we can help you migrate your existing systems to the latest technology or help you integrate disparate systems to function with less human intervention.



​Preparation of validation strategies and automated testing scripts for repetitive task cost reduction.  Evaluation of test strategies and code library development and management.


Utilization of appropriate competence level personnel to manage cost and quality oftesting.



With 30 years of development experience we are used to the unknowns and management of discovery.  Let us help you find the new solutions to your present process challenges..

Instrumentation and Electrical Design

​We've designed hundreds of Control Panels and 10's of thousands of control loops from basic interlocks, to PID feeedback, sequencing,  and advanced process control algorithms.  Whether you have simple feedback control stability issues or an advanced Model Adaptive Control  challenge,we are here to help.

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